Free Online Class Audit with Gunnar!

Step into an exciting opportunity to collaborate with LA’s top comedy coach while immersing yourself in Actors Comedy Studio.

Gunnar’s approach is direct and results-driven. Regardless of where you stand in your career, he hones in on your performance with precise, tailored feedback.

This opportunity isn’t just about refining your comedy skills; it’s a chance to collaborate, learn, and elevate your craft under the guidance of a seasoned professional in the heart of the entertainment industry.

Gunnar is the author of The Comedy Code – Your Complete Guide to Acting & Writing in the Digital Age of Television, as well as The Funniest Scenes in the World, Volume 1 and The Funniest Scenes in the World, Volume 2.


Wednesday, June 26

6 – 9 pm PT

Free and online for new students only! You can attend from anywhere in the world!

Nothing to prepare. Just show up, learn about ACS and Gunnar will guide you through a fun and informative workout!

This audit is for those who are seriously interested in learning more about ACS and potentially studying with us. Please sign up only if attending is your priority for that evening. You are taking a spot that cannot be transferred to another student. We do not have a way to fill your spot if you don’t show up. Emailing us that you are not able to attend is just extra work for us and doesn’t help in any way. Thank you for understanding.


Seats still available