Pro Workout with Gunnar

Is a dedicated weekly session tailored for actors at an advanced or professional level. As the author of “The Comedy Code: Your Complete Guide to Acting & Writing for TV Comedy,” Gunnar stands out as Hollywood’s most seasoned and renowned TV and film comedy coach. Moreover, he seamlessly transitions into an intuitive career coach and mentor.

While practice is essential, Gunnar recognizes that actors vying for top-tier opportunities require more than just honing their skills. They need unwavering support, astute guidance, and personalized direction. Working alongside Gunnar means adding a seasoned member to your team who comprehends the intricacies of the industry from the inside out.

These classes are conducted online, mirroring the industry’s modern demands, ensuring that the sessions are both enjoyable and efficient. It’s an opportunity to elevate your craft and receive guidance that reflects the current workings of the entertainment world. Join us and take a step closer to excelling in the competitive landscape of the industry.


Where Professional Gets Personal

“I coach my Pro Workout students with engagement and collaboration. In every way, I become an advocate for their ultimate success. No pretense. No games. No ego. Actors can join at any time, although participation is by invitation or interview only. Let’s meet and take your skills up to whole other level.”

Stay Ready For Every Opportunity

Actors who have taken Comedy Essentials and The Audition Code are eligible and encouraged to meet with Gunnar for a one-on-one meeting and cold reading interview.

Experienced career actors are welcome to join directly. Call or email our office to set up a meeting time with Gunnar to discuss your personal goals.

Pro Workout with Gunnar at Actors Comedy Studio is appropriate for working and recognized actors, particularly those who have a strong track record in drama and want to broaden their bookability in the ever increasing comedy landscape. Like Olympic athletes, professional and well-known actors need an appropriate place to stay in shape with an experienced coach.

At a glance:

➥  Develop vibrant characters that are unique to you and appropriately scaled for camera

➥  Think more like a writer even if you aren’t one and don’t want to be

➥  Discover what’s holding you back – practically, emotionally or spiritually – from a career breakthrough

➥  Cultivate a relationship with a Coach you can trust to help you when big opportunities appear

➥  Find the ultimate capacity of your Creative Voice as comedic performer

Days & Times

Pro Workout is an ongoing, weekly class. There is no start or end date. You can join any time. Pick the best day for your schedule and use the other class time for makeups! Class meets weekly on the following days:

Wednesdays 12 – 3 pm PST

Thursdays 6 – 9 pm PST

The format is designed to empower actors and develop each individual’s particular strengths:

➥  Week 1: The first week of every month, students bring in their own material. It can be any genre from any medium. Many actors utilize this opportunity to practice drama, work on theater pieces, get feedback on monologues, etc.

➥  Week 2: The second week of each month is cold-reading. Material is given to students when they arrive in class. Gunnar emphasizes making choices in a short amount of time that are supported by what’s on the page.

➥  Week 3: On the third week of the month, Gunnar emails students a variety of sides that are currently casting. Actors choose what they like and Gunnar works with them on the material, offering clear feedback on the bookability of the actors choices.

➥  Week 4: The fourth week of the month is also a cold-reading class. Aside from scene practice, Gunnar provides deeper reinforcement of core acting tenets, script analysis and the psychology that drives The Heroes of Comedy.


The Pro Workout Class is designed to help you excel in your craft and is open for you to join at any time. This weekly session offers an ongoing opportunity to hone your skills. Gunnar is happy to meet with each participant individually to ensure a good fit.

Joining is simple—just reach out via phone or email to secure your spot in the class. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your abilities or looking for a consistent platform to fine-tune your talent, this class provides a supportive environment for growth and improvement. Don’t hesitate to connect; we’re here to help you thrive in your acting journey.


Classes are $345 monthly.  Cost is the same whether there are 4 or 5 classes in the month.



Is there a prerequisite for this class?

Yes. The majority of our students take Comedy Essentials and/or Audition Code before joining Pro Workout. Working and professional level actors also encouraged to join. If you’re unsure where to start, just request a consult. We will meet with you at no cost to see if this class is the right fit for you. Email or call 323-302-9152.


What is the class size?

Class is limited to a maximum of 14 students.


What if I miss a class?

You can make up in one of the other classes that week. For each monthly payment cycle, you can also choose to push back one class.


Can I check out the class before signing up?

In order to maintain class integrity, we do not allow auditing. If you would like to meet with Gunnar for a brief, Zoom meeting, you can email us at or call 323-302-9152.


It’s been a while since I took a class. Where should I start?

Comedy Essentials is strongly encouraged for most actors who train at Actors Comedy Studio. Our method for working successfully in TV comedy is thoroughly explored in all of our levels. Our curriculum is challenging even for actors with a theater degree or a collection of various acting training.

Advanced and working actors are welcome to begin in The Audition Code or Master Class, depending on experience and instructor approval.


Do you offer payment plans?

Students pay for class on a monthly basis. Every time you renew your spot in Master Class, you purchase one month.


How do I sign up for a course?

Email us at or call 323-302-9152


How often does Master Class with Gunnar meet?

Once a week, ongoing.


I still have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! You can email or call us at 323-302-9152.