Comedy School Acting Studio Class Los Angeles

What is a MiniCom?

It’s a tiny Sitcom! MiniComs are short, funny scenes that were also designed to be springboards for possible TV series. Our faculty and Master Class students collaborated not once, but twice to create these original pieces. The vast majority were written and directed by ACS Founder, Gunnar Rohrbacher. Laura House wrote two of the MiniCom scripts and Dorian Frankel stepped in as Director for two.

They were shot live in front of a studio audience in only one take and the laughter is 100% real.

All of the MiniComs are registered with the Writers Guild of America. Lauren and Gunnar produced them under a SAG•AFTRA low budget contract, so the students could be credited on IMDB. Between our two shoot nights, we even made several of our students eligible to join SAG•AFTRA!

It’s important that our students know how much talent is collected here at ACS and that the faculty can do everything we teach. We continually strive to raise the bar and set ever higher standards for comedy training programs everywhere.

Oh, and Gunnar and Lauren own the word. It’s not just the material that is protected by copyright. They actually trademarked the phrase MiniCom. It’s super fun to make stuff, but at the end of the day… We take comedy seriously.