Headshot Consultation

Every actor knows they need a winning headshot. Unfortunately, not every actor knows how to get one. In fact, actors are often totally lost on how to prepare for a headshot session. It’s one of the most important tools for an actor’s career, but very likely no one’s ever trained you for it.

Knowing how to produce an eye catching headshot that’s also an accurate representation of you can literally mean the difference between having a career or not. You can LEARN how to take great headshots and carry that knowledge forever. It’s not just a matter of luck to find a good one out of the bunch!

Training that will last you a lifetime!

Gunnar will help you identify who you are in the marketplace and how you will be cast. That will lead to smart, informed choices regarding wardrobe, look, type, etc. Past that we need to consider backgrounds, characterizations and internal dialogue that will bring your pictures to life. Choosing the right photographer for you is also important.

When consulting actors on headshots, Gunnar provides visual support so you can see what working actors are doing right in their photos. It’s easy to make critical mistakes that can bring your whole session crashing down. Gunnar will help you go into your shoot confident so you can feel free and get the shots you want.

What you’ll learn at a glance:

➥   How to frame your face with wardrobe choices

➥   What your character types wear on TV

➥   How to research your age/gender/type for smart visual clues you can apply to yourself

➥   What makeup you should wear

➥   How to tell a complete story with one picture

Gunnar has prepped hundreds of actors for headshot sessions. He’s one of only a few instructors in Los Angeles who offers comprehensive, one-on-one guidance in preparing for one of the most important and expensive aspects of their career.

$145 for a one hour appointment with Gunnar

Headshot consultations are done through Zoom