Our Flexible Path

Transitioning to a fully operational online school in March 2020 was a pivotal move for Actors Comedy Studio. Our classes have seamlessly adapted to the online format, maintaining their lively and engaging nature. As on-camera audition technique experts, our curriculum was meticulously crafted to thrive in this digital era.

Widely recognized as among the finest online classes in Los Angeles, our curriculum retains its industry-standard quality and has garnered acclaim globally.

We extend an invitation for you to join us and experience training that sets a benchmark across the globe. Our commitment remains unwavering—to equip you with skills that make you competitive and industry-ready, no matter where you are in the world.

Our unique menu of classes gives you the option to follow a clear path all the way through our program or choose the courses that are right for you.

Join us and elevate your craft to international standards.

Acting Classes

Comedy Essentials

Level 1

Comedy Essentials is a six-week intensive course, packed with powerhouse information that will instantly make your acting choices bolder. The class every agent recommends to fill any gaps in your acting training.

The Audition Code

Level 2a

The Audition Code focuses on killer audition and self-taping technique. You’ll work multiple times in every class. In just six weeks, you’ll learn what it takes to create top level submissions that Casting Directors need from you!

The Heroes of Comedy

Level 2b

The Heroes of Comedy is one-of-a-kind experience in character study and self development that you’ll find nowhere else. Learn how create sharp characters instantly and identify characters in scripts the way writers do!

Pro Workout Class with Gunnar

Level 3

Pro Workout with Gunnar is a dedicated weekly session tailored for actors at an advanced or professional level. Like Olympic athletes, professional and well-known actors need an appropriate place to stay in shape with an experienced coach who can challenge your choices and execution in a nurturing way.

Working Audit with Gunnar

Our Working Audit with Gunnar will give you a clear sense of our unique and personal style. We offer a school audit for new students once a month at no cost. You get tons of personal attention with LA’s #1 Comedy Coach in this highly informative sample class.

Writing Class

My Safe & Easy Writing Class

My Safe & Easy Writing Class is a comprehensive course, Gunnar will walk you through the steps of creating a series that highlights your comedic voice. He will also ensure your pilot is structured suitably for network and streaming broadcast.

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