Pitching Yourself Like a Pro!

We are LA’s #1 TV & Film comedy studio. This special workshop is a thorough, interactive intensive on acting in comedy in 2022 and beyond!

Tons of valuable information and a chance to ask the questions you need answered!

Simple question: Do you know how to pitch yourself?

Some actors do, but many do not. Do you know what agents and managers want to know about you? What would you say to a casting director given five minutes? Casting means a lot more than auditioning and hiring an actor. It means finding the right type of actor for the job. It’s important for each actor to know their type, identity, brand, casting… however you want to phrase it. AND be able to articulate it quickly and with confidence.

We work more when we play to our strengths. Simple.

In this informative workshop, we will guide you toward a solid pitch presentation. There are opportunities arising for us to meet the industry online while we’re sheltering in place. Know what to say BEFORE those valuable moments find you!

New actors and experienced actors alike will benefit from this review.

We will guide you toward smart/clever/current ways of getting to the core of who you are fast and effectively:

➥  Create a killer pitch

➥  Avoid common first meet mistakes

➥  Take charge and earn respect

➥  Provide solutions and gain fans

➥  Get ahead of awkward moments

And much more!

Saturday, December 3

12-1:30 pm PST


  1. RSVP responsibly. We are offering these workshops as a respite from chaos and an opportunity for those with limited funds to keep their training up. We’d greatly appreciate it if you only RSVP to our workshops if you are 100% committed to attending.
  2. We cannot magically give your spot to someone else when you drop out. So please don’t ask us to fill your spot for you. We do not have a waiting list. If you can’t make it, please consider filling your spot yourself!
  3. Please do not email or call our office letting us know you cannot attend. That simply creates more administrative work for us.
  4. A link to join the meeting will be sent out approximately 1 hour before the start of the meeting, not earlier.
  5. Workshops are free with coupon code Agree

We hope to see your beautiful faces in one of the squares! Thank you in advance for your commitment to keeping your reservation. Much love, the faculty and staff of ACS.

Our online courses are conducted through ZOOM.


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