Audition Better

Auditioning can feel like free falling in space unless you have training and practice. Gunnar will help you bring your best performance ability to the mark. If you want to make your first take the best take – a booking take – Gunnar will show you how to easily Audition Better!

ACS Founder, Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher is an actor, writer, director and Master Comedy Coach with over 25 years of experience working with actors on the comedy sets and stages of Hollywood.

He’s the author of The Comedy Code – Your Complete Guide to Acting & Writing in the Digital Age of Television, The Funniest Scenes in the World, Volume 1 and The Funniest Scenes in the World, Volume 2.

Gunnar will teach you:

➥  How the camera can work in your favor (or against you)

➥  How to ignite yourself on the way to the mark

➥  What to avoid so you don’t look awkward or inexperienced on the mark

➥  How to avoid simple, common missteps that take you of the running

➥  How to slate and give your name in a powerful way that will get you noticed

And much more!

Tuesday, September 14

7 – 8:30 pm PST


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Our online courses are conducted through ZOOM.


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