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21. What’s the deal with your Master Class?

I teach Master Class exclusively here at Actors Comedy Studio. It is for actors working at a professional level. A lot of people in that class book work, and though they work several times a year, they’re not always performing on a set. Master Class gives actors a place to workout and grow.

There are some recognizable faces in there. Some actors who are more practiced in drama join Master Class to sharpen their comedy skills for the burgeoning opportunities in sitcoms.

I make sure that people stay ahead of what the breakdowns are going to ask of them. I take out my “acting scalpel” and chisel their wheelhouse. Then I turn them into auditioning ninjas that know exactly how the industry is going to cast them.

The work gets deep and dispels any myths actors may still have about working in comedy at the highest level for TV and film!

I coach actors like Olympians get coached. They want the gold. I get actors the gold. That’s the deal!