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5. How do I get an agent or manager?

There’s no magic bullet that answers how to get an agent or manager. I wish there was.

The easiest way is through a referral. Ask a friend who has reps you would like to work with. See if they can make an introduction or walk your picture in.

There are also open agent/manager workshops you can sign up for. There are some really great agents and managers who frequent these. You can find listings for these workshops online.

After that is cold calling. Everybody on the other line knows you want to be represented, so think outside of the box when calling, mailing or emailing. Set yourself apart from other actors who are also cold calling.

Otherwise, stay busy. Act. Los Angeles has a great theater scene. Write for yourself and create content. In general, talent is more desirable the more skills and experience you have to offer. Keep learning and keep creating.

Be persistent. It’s possible!