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1. Are you proud to be an actor?

Are you proud to be an actor? I know the trutch can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re new to LA and you’re trying to get representation, join the union and break into the industry. It can be difficult to get the auditions you need to get the bookings you dreamed of.

For some there’s pressure from people back home. Your friends and family call, asking the familiar questions: “What are you doing out there in Los Angeles? Have you booked anything lately?”

There are those times you introduce yourself to someone new and they ask, “What do you do?” And you say, “I’m an actor.” Then they give you that glazed eye look and we all know what that means. “Oh… You’re an actor…”

Above all, you have sacrificed a lot to get here and trained hard to get here. You have put in countless hours to become a performer. Whatever your journey, be proud of yourself and what you’ve chosen to do. Have pride in being a storyteller. Comedy makes the world a better place. We make the world a better place. And when people ask what you do, tell them confidently, “I am an actor!”