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Workshops for Kids & Teens

With the world in temporary turmoil, we’ve lowered the cost of our core classes to help our creative community around the globe. In addition, we’re committed to offering free and low-cost classes. We look forward to meeting new friends from around the world who can enjoy our industry standard training worldwide.

 We love having the opportunity to work with Kids and Teens in Los Angeles and beyond. If you know anyone, anywhere in the world who would appreciate these courses, please share this page.

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Teen Commercial Workout

For new actors as well as working actors who want to develop their commercial audition skills and learn valuable booking techniques. This class is offered once a month.

Sunday, July 25, 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm PDT


The Business of Acting for Parents!

Valuable tips and insights on how to navigate the Industry with your Kid or Teen.

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Free with RSVP

Working in TV Comedy

Join us for a free overview of working in TV comedy with one of LA’s top Studio Teachers and Youth Audition Coaches, Lauren Bertoni!

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Free with RSVP

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