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25. Career Counseling at Actors Comedy Studio?

Career counseling is an individual appointment you can set up with me here at Actors Comedy Studio. We do intense and focused work specific to your career. Together, we create an actionable plan and outline for you moving forward.

Actors generally need many of the same things, but individual needs can vary depending on where you are in your training, your age and where you are from. I help reflect how casting is going to see you. We can work on your branding. I can help give you a sense of who you are in the industry. Ultimately, we end up with a plan of action so that you know what to do for the next six months, nine months or year.

Actors need support and an objective person to help them sometimes. I’m glad to do that for actors. Managers used to help actors the way I help them. I don’t think the system is set up for that kind of individual attention at this point. It moves too fast.

So, yes! Let’s talk about your career.