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Actors Comedy Studio is permanently online, thriving and now available to actors across the globe! ACS was the very first acting school in Los Angeles with a physical space to convert to online training. We transitioned seamlessly into the digital age of Hollywood with no need or desire to look back. Founders Gunnar Rohrbacher and Lauren Bertoni have lead the way toward innovative, current and remarkably efficient instruction on craft and career for decades.

Gunnar is Hollywood’s number one comedy coach for adults and author of the definitive book on comedy; The Comedy Code – Your Complete Guide to Acting & Writing in the Digital Age of Hollywood. Lauren is a certified Studio Teacher and one of the most accomplished kid & teen coaches on the planet.

We knew the entertainment industry was headed toward digital casting long before there was a pandemic. We were prepared for this new era, which is why we’ve received rave reviews for our exciting, inclusive and engaging online classes. Our curriculum is carefully designed to teach actors how to audition well and adapt their theater and improv training to tv and film standards. Our actors don’t discover “secrets” (Run away from anyone selling you secrets); they learn valuable knowledge regarding the way the industry actually works from highly experienced teachers, casting directors and industry experts. We know the business, inside and out. Our actors book. Simple.

New York is building studio space at a rapid rate and more comedies are filming there. Actors Comedy Studio is the place to prepare for the new opportunities that are coming your way. Improv and theater training is obviously valuable. But make no mistake – actors who book offer the best on-camera auditions. Full stop.

Auditioning now means self-taping self-submitting. Are you one hundred percent confident that your choices about the material, your execution and your technical set up is among the best in the world? Because that’s what you’re up against. Casting Directors and Producers only hire actors who are clearly comfortable auditioning material with no help, no feedback, with a polished home set up. Self-taping means no adjustments and no guidance. The industry is not looking to “discover” new talent. They want to hire seasoned pros who they can bring to set with little notice and get the job done with no questions asked. We train actors to that standard!

Our Classes

Make Casting Directors Your Biggest Fans


Comedy EssentialsWhere most of our actors start, regardless of experience. Six week course that introduces you to our curriculum, The Comedy Code.

Mondays, 9 pm – 12 am ET

Saturdays, 3 pm – 6 pm ET

The Audition Code; Bring your on-camera work up to industry standards. Ongoing, month-to-month training to hone your script analysis, acting, characterizations, branding/casting and all industry expectations.

Mondays, 9 pm – 12 am ET

Thursdays, 3 pm – 6 pm ET

Master Class with GunnarThe place for  working actors work out. Ongoing, month-to-month training for working/represented actors who want to refine their get skills and receive personalized feedback and career support from Hollywood’s most respected comedy coach.

Wednesdays, 3 pm – 6 pm ET

Thursdays, 9 pm – 12 am ET


Word Party; Creative Writing for actors, writers, content creators and everyone!

Tuesdays, 9 pm – 12 am ET

My Safe & Easy Writing Class; Create your series and write a pilot!

Tuesdays, 9 pm – 12 am ET

Kids & Teens

Teen Comedy Essentials; Six week course where most of our actors begin!

Saturdays, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm ET

Teen Audition Code; Powerful Audition & Self-tape Technique

Thursdays, 7 – 9 pm ET

Saturdays, 12 – 2 pm ET

Pro WorkoutFor kid & teen actors who are series regular ready!

Saturdays, 12 – 2 pm ET

Kid Comedy Workout; Learn, play and connect online in our Sitcom class for Kids ages 7 – 10.

Thursdays, 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm PDT

Summer Comedy Camp; Learn valuable inside information in this fun-filled and highly informative week-long virtual camp!

Monday – Friday, August 1 – 5

12 – 3 pm ET

Audition Help

Audition Coaching; Expert help when you need it the most. Wherever you are!

Online Reader; Hollywood’s best readers available at just $1 a minute!

Career Coaching; A personalized plan, geared toward your success. Let’s figure out to get what you want from wherever you are!

Headshot Consultation; Learn how to get professional, eye popping shots without wasting time or money.

Writing Consultation; Writing help from Gunnar for all kinds of content.

Private Acting Classes; Customized acting training is group class isn’t the right answer for you.


The Comedy Code

Hello everybody! It is with great joy that I present the world with The Comedy Code – Your Complete Guide to Acting and Writing for Television in the Digital Age of Hollywood. I put hundreds of hours of research into writing this book and frankly, my entire heart and soul. Everything I’ve learned about succeeding in the entertainment industry is here in this book: how to break down scripts the way writers wish actors would, how to audition well, creating larger than life characters that remain believable, what the industry expects you to know, the realities of the casting process… it’s all here. I hope it helps make your dreams come true.

Much love,

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Soup, Target, Powell’s & Walmart

You can also purchase for Kindle or a digital ebook.