Teen Commercial Workout

Our Teen Commercial Workout for ages 11-17 is ideal for new actors as well as working actors who want to develop their commercial audition skills and learn valuable booking techniques.

What you’ll learn:

➥ The Various Styles of Commercial Auditions, such as: Scene Work, Testimonial, Improvised, Personality-Style and Interviews, MOS (without sound), Paired and Group Auditions

➥ Tips and Techniques for Virtual Commercial Auditions and Callbacks

➥  How to Strengthen your Skills to Build Confidence and Book Jobs!

➥  How to Bring Yourself to the Party – What Makes you Unique? What Makes you Bookable? What’s your Brand?

You will work multiple times and get footage back in every class!

Classes are conducted joyfully and efficiently through Zoom.

Days & Times

Next Class:

Sunday, July 25 

12:30 pm –  2:00 pm PDT




Tiffany Berube is a sitcom and commercial actor, indie TV and sketch writer and producer. She is the instructor of our Teen Comedy Essentials and Teen Audition Code classes as well as an audition coach for kids and teens. Tiffany also co-chairs the Industry Workshop Program at ACS, where she educates students on the business of on-camera acting and connects them with casting directors, producers and directors. Currently she is on the teaching staff at Actors Comedy Studio as well as the American Academy of Dramatic Arts-LA.

Tiffany recently developed the Commercial Acting and Auditioning class for Teens and Young Adults at The Academy at Edge Performing Arts Center. You can watch her being pulled out of Flo’s apron in a recent Progressive commercial and in the Web Series, ”I Heart Us”. Tiffany loves helping kids and teens express themselves through the arts and mentoring young actors as they find their path in the industry.

Tiffany provides a supportive, nurturing environment for all of her students. 😉


What You'll Need

Your imagination, your energy, and a way to use ZOOM, our preferred portal for online classes.


Is there a prerequisite for this class?

No. This is the starting point for learning to audition for on-camera commercials.

I have zero experience. Will I be okay?

Yes! Our program is built to accommodate young actors learning from scratch and experienced actors who want our specialized training in on-camera commercial auditions.

What is the class size?

Each online class section is limited to a maximum of 14 students.

How often does Teen Commercial Workout meet?

Once a month. Pay as you go.

Can I check out the class before signing up?

In order to maintain class integrity and privacy for minors, we do not allow auditing. If you would like to talk with a faculty member, you can email us at info@actorscomedystduio.com or call 323-302-9152.

I still have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! You can email info@actorscomedystudio.com or call us at 323-302-9152.


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