Free Online Workshops

We want to give back to our community! We understand that budgets for artists can fluctuate. Throughout the year, we offer a variety of free and low-cost classes so you can learn more about craft and careeer. It’s also a great opportunity to audit our school and meet our world renowned instructors.

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How to Book Sitcoms & TV Comedy

Have fun learning what it takes to forge a comedy career.

Actors of all levels will leave with valuable insights you won’t hear anywhere else!

Wednesday, September 28, 7pm PDT

Free with RSVP

Audition Better

Make the most of every self-tape and in person audition.

We break down the components of a winning audition like no one else!

Wednesday, October 12, 7 pm PDT

Free with RSVP

Smart Headshots

Who trained you on how to collaborate with a photographer to get the headshots you want and need? Exactly.

We can help you save time, money and reshoots by getting it right the first time!

Wednesday, October 26, 7 pm PDT

Free with RSVP

Voice Fundamentals

Learn to speak better and ignite your voice for auditions!

How you sound matters just as much as the creative choices you make!

Wednesday, November 2, 7 pm PDT

Free with RSVP

Home Studio Setup

Let us help you create the ideal home studio for your self-taping needs. We’ll provide guidance and equipment recommendations to help you submit like a pro!

Saturday, November 12, 12 pm PST

Free with RSVP

Pitching Yourself Like A Pro!

Make sure you have your “elevator” pitch down cold.

Know how you solve someone’s casting problem and make all of your meetings matter!

Saturday, December 3, 12 pm PST

Free with RSVP

Writing TV Comedy with Gunnar!

Learn the basics of television comedy structure and joke construction!

Knowing the medium is valuable for actors and writers alike! 


Free with RSVP

Workshops for Kids & Teens

Free and low-cost workshops for actors ages 7-17 (and their parents)!

Click Here for Master Class Info! Click Here for Acting For Sitcoms, Level 3 Info! Click Here for Acting For Sitcoms, Level 2 Info! Click Here for Acting For Sitcoms, Level 1 Info! Click Here for Comedy Cast Intensive Info! Click Here for My Safe & Easy Writing Class Info!